Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What happens on tour...

Mes enfants ! What I have to do to get a good feed and a drink. So much talking, walking and biking... oh la la but it was worth it.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Cook's Tour in Caromb

There is nothing to say except, I, Hubert, was not allowed to attend. And it looks... perfect. Sob.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Bonjour mes amis

At last I can have a little break - all of that driving around France, and showing people the fine foods and wines can be a bit exhausting for a hippo. It was worth it though because they all had a very good time.

Now Gail and Maurice have abandoned me while they go off to England to look for houses to rent for the Rugby World Cup. ( I personally don't like rugby as much since the fields stopped being so gloriously muddy.) You can see they have left me well prepared, and I know they will be back for me at the end of August.

Here's a picture of my summer quarters, a garage The Active Gourmet uses to stash all their goodies when not on tour.  I am lucky because it is right by the River Thouet in Saumur and, though I am a sophisto hippo, it is pleasant to smell river smells from my camp.

I will have time in the next couple of weeks to download a few pics of our travels, so stay tuned.

Au revoir

Monday, 20 May 2013

Bonjour MTG travellers,

Yes, I am here on the Cote Basque wearing more clothes than I would skiing, and watching the giant grey waves of the Atlantic curl into the beach.

My reason for being here, apart from doing research for The Active Gourmet Pays Basque tour at the end of September, is to test drive a product on you behalf - the socks.

I am happy to report they have survived the third day of wearing in a row, although they have yet to pass the sniff test today!

When I finally get round to washing them, I must remember to put them in their little bag and to use cold water (for once I did read some instructions). Just think how our luggage could be made lighter if all our clothes were made of merino and cashmere!

Ah, please remember to pack your water bottle in your main luggage and, when on the plane, remove a couple of those little hand towels when you are jammed in the toilet - they make the very best face clothes because they are so miserably thin that they dry quickly. European accommodation seldom provides such items. Guess why I remembered to mention this to you all......Bring very few toiletries apart from the giant soap. French chemists have the most exciting things, often in small sizes, and they are always ready to offer advice on ailments, much as we would use a doctor.

I know there was something else I was going to remind you of, but the brain is blank. No, it has flashed back - if you have a tendency towards fluid retention, ring your doctor and ask for four or five fluid tablets. They are to be used with caution, but they will help rid you of that feeling of being the first cousin of the elephant in Paris zoo.

Meanwhile, I am back to my maps and the waves. Fly well and I will see you at the Avignon TGV station.