Friday, 27 January 2012

I blurt out a big secret...

Today, I will share a secret ! Gail has made a new website for the active gourmet travel and it will go alive (is that how you say it ? ) very soon. The interweb is such an extraordinary thing for a hippopotamus to know about, yes ? Here is a sneak preview... in which I feature most prominently.

Very exciting, but truth to tell I would rather be thinking about...
my beloved picque-niquesnon ? 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Come cook with me

Bonjour, c'est moi, Hubert, faithful mascot of the active gourmet travel. Here's my photograph in case you forget my beauty - and one of the things I love to do best ...

Oui - I love to cook and enjoy my cooking lessons in la belle France. Speaking of  France, did you see we are heading out on our first French tour on 3 May, starting in the city of the horse, Saumur ? Send Gail an email and ask if there's any room left. Ah - bonne chance mes amis.

Au revoir !